Kawaii in the Sky: Woven Messenger Strap from Ju-Ju-Be x Tokidoki


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Many of the Ju-Ju-Be bags are designed with attachment points for messenger bag straps and this strap is all you need to carry your bag with comfort and ease.  Choose a pattern to match your bag, or go for a contrasting color for a more unique look.  You be the stylist and find the perfect match for you!  You could even buy several so that you can switch up the look of your bag any time you like.  Adjustable for all sizes and detachable to meet your mix-n-match dreams. 

Features & Specifications

  • Dimensions – 2”W x 31-49” adjustable length
  • Hardware – Metal hardware
  • Extras – Machine washable: spot clean, wash in cold, air dry and limited lifetime warranty

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